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Cracking the Identity Riddle (2)

The Importance of Knowing.

It is said, that “Ignorance is bliss”. But how ‘blissful’ is that bliss?
That’s a question we never can answer. Indeed, ignorance is a tragedy.

There are many things you can afford not to know about in life and be safe but your personal identity is certainly not one of them. When you do not know who you are, you stand the risk of believing that you are who you are not (I hope you got that.). When you do not know who you are, just about anyone can lead you astray. So why should you know?

Among other reasons are…

• Understanding your Uniqueness: when you come to know who you really are, with all of its facets, one of the fist things that become clear to you is that you are #Unique.
Your personal identity sets you apart from the crowd and gives you a sense of ‘specialness’. You are UNIQUE.

• Acknowledging your Authority: In Christian Jesus, we have authority. An authority that sets us above both physical and spiritual limitations, obstacles and even enemies. Even in the natural world, we have authority over the elements of this world. Understanding your identity AWAKENS you to the consciousness of this authority.

• Living with a Sense of Mission: When you know who you are, you also come to realise where you belong and where your life should be headed. And when you become INTENTIONAL enough to follow that path, you begin to live each day with a sense of Purpose and a sense of Mission. This means that your life is not just another jolly ride but one with a clear and definite destination (Goal).

These and many more reasons are why it is very vital to know, understand and live with a consciousness of who you truly are. – your Identity.

To be continued…

Peter Akhere